Family Brokerage

Independence is key to the success of El Hefe Foods. We are not weighed down by the slow moving decisions of national brokerages. El Hefe hand selects clients and provides all clients a level of service they would not find elsewhere with national brokerage.

Foodie vs food expert

Everyone is a foodie now-a-days, but not everyone is a true culinary food expert. El Hefe Foods expertise within the food and beverage industry stretches over 50 years and countless countries. We are always following market trends to keep our clients ahead of the curve. As a client, you know you can count on El Hefe as a true food expert within a culinary market filled with foodies.

Our Approach

El Hefe foods represent our clients interest every step of the way. As your brokerage we develop a strategy and set benchmarks that grow our clients sales. When you are busy manufacturing and running your day-to-day know you have El Hefe Foods representing your products to potential clients.

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